About Us

DHREES is dedicated to the intersection of Digital Humanities and Russian and East European studies at Yale University.

In the last quarter of a century, Russian and East European studies have seen many transformations in the ways we research, teach, and think about our areas of study. As approaches and critical frameworks have shifted and grown to incorporate new perspectives, so too have the objects of study—and their scope—changed and expanded. At the same time, we have witnessed the dramatic growth of Digital Humanities conferences, Digital Humanities panels at literature conventions, and an explosion of related publications across the humanities, attesting to the fact that more and more students, staff, and faculty are interested in both digital culture and computational tools.

Even a brief overview of the evolving Digital Humanities canon shows a consistent, if often evocative, leaning on Russian Formalism and the theoretical movements that emerged in its wake, including Prague School structuralism, semiotics (the Tartu school), and discourse analysis (the Mikhail Bakhtin circle). While claiming legitimizing theoretical predecessors in the foundational figures of modern literary theory, contemporary scholars relive some of that theory’s evolutions, embattled stances, and fraught histories—from historical poetics to the social turn of discourse analysis.

The intersection of the two fields uniquely situates us to interrogate the foundations of Digital Humanities theories and practices, even as we explore new research methods, pedagogical tools, and archival and resource-sharing possibilities.

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